[Lyrics] Tflix ft Dongo rapper – 20-10-2020

Tflix made this record to advocate for good governance in Nigeria, to talk about the up’s and downs we are going true as a Nigerian…it also reminds us of our heroes that we lost at the lekki toll gate massacre,the song is produced by Tflix featuring Dongo rapper



Lyrics Tflix ft Dongo rapper – 20-10-2020

Pastor: end sars, end police brutality, End corruption, end blood shed, end bad governance, we call for a new Nigeria
Fela: we suffer and we smile
Tflix: Omo for 9ja where we dey everything is bad it doesn’t work
Bad governance, bad road
Bad, bad,bad Everything
You can not talk
You have no right
You can not protest them go fire you
Police go kill you cuz you looking good
You looking nice
Why nah….

Every body looking for the green pastures
Response: greener pastures
Every body looking for away to survive
Response: a way to leave right

9ja wake up now wake up from your sleep
9ja wake up now before it gets too late

The government didn’t have plan for us
The system is against us
Everything is fucked up
The country is fucked up

Ighalo voice:am not the kind of guy that talks about politics, but I can’t keep quiet anymore for what is going on back home in nigeria,I will say Nigerian government you guys are a shame to the world for killing your own citizen, sending military to the street to kill on unharmful protesters, because they are protesting for there rights it’s uncalled for….

Dongo verse: Dongo verse

10/10/2020 is a year I’ll never forget

Nigeria na my country olohun gbo wo mo regret

IRu country wo ni mo wo e? mo regret

Won gba aso lorun wa won ti nipe ka wo singlet

Awo singlet won tun ni pe kilode ta pull shirt ?
Eyin aku se
Ema ku se

Eyin ijoba were e gbogbo yin le ma ku se
Am para right now , mon binu right now , mi o bayin sere right now ,
tori e je ka ni nice time

Poka poka poka lori citizen, awon omo olomo ton struggle e je kan isinmi

Ewa so gbo gbo street da season firm , ehn pa won ehn pa won nigba tan se cat-fish

Imagine !!! Am a youth
I go school , Papa dey ,Mama no Dey , Government no offer anything.

How you want make I take survive??
E wan so pe Gee, wetting be Gee???

Shay we no go chop ? Shay , Shay we no go chop ?

Una Dey craze olohun

Ighalo voice2: today 20-10 2020 you people will be remembered in the history, as the first government that send military to the city to start killing there own citizens…I am ashamed of this government

Protesters at toll gate: this is lekki toll gate, soldiers have been sent down here…this lekki toll gate, shooting at the protesters2x
This is lekki toll gate… we need help here2x
Protesters are still on the ground…

Joyce…wait oo tflix you’re inside the studio by this time of the night…se o kin sun ni..eeh, God have mercy, that have use music to finish you oo…pele God bless your hustle


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