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Money Heist Season 5: The Professor Will Die In The End

Posted by on June 1, 2020 0

Professor death is the top Money Heist fan theory right now. Scroll down to know about it!

The Spanish crime drama

Money Heist has rightfully earned the title for being one of the best shows in the world. It has kept us hooked right from its brilliant start with season 1, and still has all our attention post-season 4’s release. But what does the future of the series entail? Fans have a couple of thoughts on the matter. 


Even as fans eagerly wait for the next season, they have dug hints from the released episodes that the Professor might die in the next season (which ends the whole show, doesn’t it?).

Money Heist fans have speculated Nairobi’s ‘red dress’ scene to be a foreshadowing of what’s to come. After she dies from the gunshot, she is shown lying on the grass in a red silk dress with a daisy in her mouth. The fellow robbers Moscow, Berlin, and Oslo, who’d died in the previous seasons, look at her with a smile on their faces.

This scene was fucking beautiful!!!! Nairobi with that red dress 👌👌👌#lacasadepapel

— Irwin Yonathan (@IrwinYonathan) April 9, 2020

But a similar scene takes place at the beginning of season 5 too, except this time, the Professor, Denver, and Helsinki was there as well. Since they don’t reappear in the other red dress scene, it might be a big hint that they’re going to die in the next season. Also, it ends with the Professor at a gunpoint, leaving him in a difficult position as it is.

Fans have pointed out that he might end up dying from a gunshot, just like his father. Pinkvilla revealed a fan theory from Reddit: [“A new theory suggests that fans of La Casa de Papel have already been informed of the Professor’s fate in the previous few seasons. A Reddit user proposes a theory that suggests that Professor’s fate might be similar to his father’s fate. A user with the handle, ‘_perry_the_plattpus’, speculates that the Heist goes downhill and several major characters die. Nairobi has already been shot dead. With the Professor also at Alicia’s mercy, there is no guarantee that he might survive either. However, the user points out that while there will be bloodshed within the bank, Professor could die as well but on the premises of the bank.]


Fans are already sad about the possible death of the Professor 

Death of Professor in Money heist will be the saddest moment in TV history#LaCasaDePapel

— Haroon Abid 🇬🇧 🇵🇰 (@HaroonMUFC47) July 22, 2019


Looking Into Other Money Heist Fan Theories:

Since season 5 ends with a major cliffhanger, fans have left no stone unturned to come up with wild theories. Some theories are pointing at Alicia’s death instead of the Professor’s. The Daily Express reported what the fans’ thoughts on the matter are, “Despite her seemingly having the upper hand against the Professor, viewers are worried about her fate in the next series. Alicia was hated for so long and after her horrible behavior towards the gang, it’s unlikely the Professor will want to cooperate. Could he wait for her to give birth to her baby and then leave her for dead? Fans certainly think there is a sinister twist in store for the expectant mum.”

Other speculations suggest that she might even end up joining the gang instead. Since she’s lost everything including her job in the police force, she may as well decide to join the robbers instead of going to prison. Especially if she wants to take revenge on them.

But another wild theory doing the rounds on the internet is that, can Alicia be Tatiana? According to Film Daily, “When we first meet Tatiana during Berlin, Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna), and the Professor’s lunch meeting, it’s clear this wouldn’t be her first heist. If the Professor didn’t have such strong feelings about loose baggage, Tatiana would’ve made a perfect addition to the team. So wouldn’t it be helpful if police had a master thief on their side trying to help beat some other thieves? Just like how Alicia knows exactly what game the Professor is playing with her? It’s hard not to see the connections between the two when their wit comes into play.” This theory has already gotten the fans super excited!!

Interesting theory, i.e inspector Alicia is actually Tatiana (Berlins wife) & her aggression was probably cause she blamed the professor for Berlins death in S2 & might end up being part of the Heist, thinking abt this already excites me for S5😍 #MoneyHeist

— Little Lady (@hartie_lh8) May 20, 2020

For now, we can only run wild with the theories, but time will tell what’s to come. All we know for sure is that the production of Money Heist season 5 is delayed indefinitely because of the pandemic crisis. So let’s enjoy these theories until then!

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