The Walking Dead: What Carol’s Plan Was All Along

The Walking Dead season 10, episode 12, “Walk With Us” delivers multiple twists and reveals what one character’s plan was all along.

In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 12, “Walk With Us”, Negan kills Alpha… for Carol. Ever since Henry was killed along with several other people at the fair towards the end of season 9, with their heads being placed on pikes as a warning, Carol has thought about nothing but hunting down and killing Alpha. Carol’s journey on The Walking Dead has certainly been an interesting one, and it was only when she was with Ezekiel and Henry that she allowed herself to feel happy.

Once everything was taken away from her, she put everyone else in danger by being consumed by her quest to kill Alpha. So when Negan escaped from his prison cell, which viewers believed was because of Brandon, Carol used it as an opportunity to find the Whisperers’ horde; they ultimately did and it may have cost Connie her life if she never shows up again. While it seems that everything Carol does backfires on her, she’s much smarter than her friends are giving her credit for this season. As it turns out, Negan escaping was all part of Carol’s plan.

It seems that in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 4, “Silence the Whisperers”, Carol let Negan out and gave him a path to redemption: kill Alpha and deliver her head to Carol. He did just that in “Walk With Us” by luring Alpha to a shack that he pretended to have Lydia held up inside. Getting her there took time and a lot of convincing on his part; he had to, essentially, join the Whisperers by helping them in their attack on Hilltop.

Negan has been trying to prove that he’s not the person he once was. While he may fondly remember being in charge of an organization like the Saviors, he doesn’t seem to miss killing people. He even tried to save the mother and son that Brandon killed. But in order for everyone else to believe he’s changed, he needed to convince someone like Carol who remembers fighting him and the Saviors all those years ago. And Carol knew he was the right person for the job, considering his charm.

Carol had a multi-pronged plan: have Negan infiltrate the Whisperers and kill Alpha while she searches for the horde with some members of Alexandria and Hilltop. It would’ve been a clean way to defeat the Whisperers from the inside out – but while one part of the plan worked without a hitch, the other part resulted in multiple casualties. A lot of people almost died in Alpha’s cave, but most of them got out. Magna has since returned, but Connie is still missing – and it may be a while before she reappears.

Even from the beginning, The Walking Dead comics and TV show have been different, both following the same rough path but getting there in alternate ways. Negan kills Alpha in the comics, but in the TV series, he does it for Carol, who charged him with the task. What happens after this – if Negan is accepted by the survivors and not jailed once again – remains to be seen, but for now, Carol’s plan to get revenge on Alpha while simultaneously disrupting the Whisperers from within has succeeded.



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